5 Tips to choose best School for your child.

Good education is synonymous to a Good school & choosing a good school is quite a task. When we say a good school, the definition changes from one parent to the other. For some it may be good infrastructure, for some the facilities provided by school are attractive, some parents look for brand schools and the list varies. So KleverMind brings you 5 ‘Klever’ tips to choose the right school for your child.

1) Choose the School board carefully- 

Presently there are 5 boards of school education in India namely State Boards, CBSE, ICSE,IB and NIOS. Parents should choose the board looking at the salient features of each board and also compare these features in accordance with future ambition of the child & also the caliber. For example: If the child wants to be Internationally Competitive and wants to go for Global Education choosing IB board will give him an edge over the other boards.

2) To learn read and write in early stage should not be the only goal-

In early ages of education, to learn to read & write shouldn’t be the only goal, choose the school which motivates your kids to improve his Gross Motor Skills, language skills, number recognitions etc.

3) Do personal research before you choose any school- 

Parents should try and go through the macro information present on the web and also on the social media. Look for reviews by fellow parents about the school, its staff, infrastructure etc will help. If you want to go for Day care School, look how is the helping staff and peer group is like, how approachable are the teachers and the management etc. Little research may help you to loosen down the burden of finding a good school for your child.

4) ‘Brand school’ is not a trademark for good education-

Air conditioned buses, posh canteen etc. should not be the criteria for choosing a school. Of course, safe play spaces, clean toilets, pleasant staff should definitely be looked upon. Legacy of a school is not made by it’s quality infrastructure, legacy is created by the alumni who prosper in the world due to that quality education.

5) There is no better judge than eyes- 

One should visit the school and observe it closely because as a parent what suits best to your child’s values and personality. Interact with management, teachers, support staff so as to build that trust in you which can relieve you from one of the biggest responsibility of being a good parent.

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  1. Ananadh AD Reply

    Make an appointment for a visit during the regular school hours. If you can, visit a few classes, the library, and the playground to get a sense of how the schools run.
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