The Secret To Keep Your Child Away From Becoming Obese

No parent wants their child to be unfit. All sets of parents aim that their child should have a healthy lifestyle with a fit body. But how do you prevent your child from becoming obese?

Childhood obesity can be caused by irregular meals, inconsistency regarding screen time as well as a wrong sleeping schedule. If your child sticks to a routine there are higher chances of him staying fit. Your responsibility as a parent is to ensure that there is consistency in your child’s mealtime, screen time, as well as sleep time. You must aim to teach your child to regulate his physical and emotional health.

It is okay to let your child stay up a few times. He can stay up once in the entire week and watch a movie with you or he can get a little extra time on the play station once a while. But you must ensure that it does not become a habit as it will definitely lead to an increase in the chances of your child becoming obese.

Children aged three to five should get roughly ten to thirteen hours of sleep on a daily basis. It is necessary for their growth and development. A study was conducted that was published in the International Journal of Obesity. They conducted an experiment for the same and took into consideration 11,000 kids from the U.K. Millennium Cohort Study who were born between 2001 and 2002. They found out that only 23% had a limited screen time, half had a regular meal time schedule and 41% of the kids had a regular bedtime.

You must make sure that your child follows a set schedule. Couple the regular schedule with a healthy, well balanced diet and regular exercise and there is no reason why your child won’t be fit!

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