How you might be spoiling your child unintentionally

Many parents end up in a self conflict regarding whether to pamper their kids or to punish them. It is obvious that you don’t want to raise a spoiled brat but at times it can get quite hard to manage your child. At times it just seems easier to cave into your child’s demands or buy him something so that he won’t throw an embarrassing tantrum in public and hence you end up spoiling your child unintentionally. The worst mistake that you can make as a parent is giving your child a false perception of how the world works.

Children must understand that their actions have consequences. If your child does something wrong and you tell them that you will take away his toys or limit his screen time, make sure you follow through. If you do not teach them that their actions have consequences they will grow up believing that. If your child hits his sibling with a toy make sure that you take away his toy so that he knows what he did was wrong.

It is important for your child to learn that they cannot do just anything that they want, irrespective of their age. Another way you might be spoiling your child is by doing something for them that they are old enough to do themselves. Take the example of waking up your child in the morning into consideration. If your child is old enough to set an alarm for himself, do not wake him up.

Your child is dependent on you in many ways but you must try to prepare him for the world. You won’t always be there for them and it is essential for them to learn how to do their tasks on their own. You must prepare him for a life without you. The way to do that is by starting small and trying your best to not raised a spoiled brat.

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