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This simple yet unknown thing can help your kid succeed in school

One of the most valuable things parents can give their child is time. Involving themselves in different domains of a child’s life can do wonders for the child. Be in the form of playing with them or simply sitting with them and listening to them, the amount of time we give our children and the way we spend it with children can effect them in numerous ways. For good academic performance and well-being of the child, parental involvement is very necessary. But there is one more factor, recently discovered in a new research that can help your child succeed in school.

This new research done at the University of Missouri-Columbia suggests that how teachers perceive parental involvement in a child’s academic life effects the performance of the child at school.

To understand the academic performance and behavior of a student with regards to the relationship between teachers and parents and the teacher’s understanding of parent’s involvement in the child’s life, researchers observed 1800 students and 100 teachers. A professional development program meant to develop the effective relationship between students, parents and the teachers was created and teachers were randomly assigned to the program. The program also aimed to improve the classroom management skills of the teachers. At the beginning and end of the academic year, teachers were also asked to complete surveys about parents and students.

Keith Herman, the lead researcher and a professor in the MU college of education and his team found something remarkable. Children of parents that were perceived as being more involved in their child’s academic life by teachers exhibited better academic and social performance.

“If a teacher has a good relationship with a student’s parents or perceives that those parents are positively engaged in their child’s education, that teacher may be more likely to give extra attention or go the extra mile for that student. If the same teacher perceives another child’s parents to be uninvolved or to have a negative influence on the child’s education, it likely will affect how the teacher interacts with both the child and the parent,”  explained Herman in the press release. for the research that will be published in School Psychology Quarterly* and the Journal of School Psychology. (Source )

The report not only reflects the importance of having good involvement in your child’s life but also having the great relationship with the teachers. We often shower our children with amazing gifts but forget to give them the most important asset they need – time. This scientific research hopefully will encourage parents to understand the value of giving more time to their children.

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