bullied child

How being a bullied child affects your adulthood

bullied child

Many adults remember being bullied as a child. Bullying is an ugly thing which makes children believe that they aren’t worthy enough. It makes them think that their insecurities are what matter the most because the bullies deem them to believe so. But now when you have grown up you believe that you are free of the emotions you felt when you were bullied. But is that really the case? Childhood bullies cause a change in the way you perceive things. Being bullied as a child might just be affecting the following elements of your life –

1) Romance

People who have been victims to bullying often find it hard to trust others. They find it hard to get intimate with someone they care about or maintain a long lasting relationship. Due to the trust issues they have had since childhood, the romance in their relationships dwindle when they grow up into adults. They focus on their insecurities and it creates a mental block in their brain. They find it hard to love themselves and due to that they make it harder for others to love them as well.

2) Health

People who have been bullied often have poor self esteem and low self confidence which also results in poor health when compared to others. They didn’t feel validated as a child which they decide to achieve in adulthood. Trying to get that sense of validation often leads to high stress levels which takes a toll on their health.

3) Friends

Adults who have been bullied as children find it hard to trust people and grow deep connections with them. They find it hard to open up to others and rely on them. They tend to be loners who prefer to keep to themselves.

4) Career

You need to be self confident when it comes to your career. You need to learn how to deal with disappointments and face failures. You need to engage in teamwork and persevere. People who have been bullied often find it hard to do all these things. They tend to isolate themselves and are often not able to deal with disappointments.

5) Family

Watching their child get bullied is no easy thing for a family. They tend to feel helpless and sad because they can’t help you even when they want to. Children who are bullied often tend to isolate themselves from their family and go into their own shell. Due to bullying they often lose out on the chance to build a strong bond with their family members.

If you were bullied as a child and can relate to the points mentioned above, you need to understand that you have to start small by trusting people. Everyone has insecurities but you must remember to not let them rule you.

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