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Amazing tips to make sure your child spends less time in front of TV

front of TV

Has your child been spending a lot of time in front of the TV? Your child shouldn’t be watching more than two to three hours of television. As we have discussed in one of our previous posts ( Stop your child from doing this to make them emotionally strong ), watching too much TV can increase chances of depression, type 2 diabetes and engagement in criminal activities. It also limits your child’s cognitive development and may lead to obesity as well. But how do you limit their screen time? Here are a few tips to help you –

Here is how to ensure your child spends less time in front of TV

1) Make sure to not eat in front of the TV

If your child spends a lot of time snacking in front of the TV you need to stop them from doing so as when they do so they end up spending much more time than intended. It leads to them munching more than intended which can lead to weight gain.

2) Eliminate background TV

If the TV is on in the background your child will divert his attention and spend time watching it. Ensure that you switch it off if you’re not actively watching it.

3) Keep TV’s out of the bedroom

Having a TV in the bedroom means spending more time watching it. Make sure that you do not install a television in your child’s bedroom.

4) Insist on doing other activities

Suggest other activities that your child might find entertaining. Encourage them to take up a hobby such as reading or writing or any sport etc.

5) Be a role model and set a good example

If you don’t want your child to spend a lot of time in front screen you must make sure that you don’t do the same. If he sees you spending hours glued to the screen, he will do the same.

Next time you let your child sit in front of TV for hours, remind yourself if it’s all worth the downsides your child may face.

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