How to make sure your child doesn’t turn into a spoiled brat

spoiled brat

Every parent worries about what their child is going to grow up to be. Is he going to be a spoiled brat or is he going to be a well behaved child? Here are a few tips to help you raise a well behaved child –

1) Be a role model

A child learns the most from his parents. You need to take care of how you behave around your child as he is bound to take up your mannerisms. If your child observes you losing your temper at the tiniest of things, he might do the same. If you think that you have anger issues, start to work on them. The next time you get angry step out of the room or take a few breaths before taking any action.

2) Be confident

It is essential to discipline your children and teach them right from wrong. If you believe your child is doing something wrong, tell them confidently. Take appropriate action. Don’t try to discipline them by making them laugh or making a joke out of it. If you remain confident, your child will take you more seriously and will grow up to be a confident child as well.

3) Act on your feet

As a parent you need to learn to act quickly in different situations. Step in and control the situation before it gets out of hand. If you find your kids fighting and you think you should intervene, just do so. Don’t spend time thinking whether you should intervene or not. Act on your gut.

4) Stay strong and don’t give in

It often happens that your child is whining or crying about something. Many a times you will want to give in and enjoy some peace and quiet. But if you give in, your child will believe that if he cries he will get what he wants. If you remain strong and confident your child will see that you won’t budge no matter what he does, as a result of which he won’t engage in bratty behavior.

5)Take their feelings into consideration

Your kids have feelings too, remember to take them into consideration. If you feel that your child is acting out, listen to what they have to tell you. They might be acting out for a reason. This doesn’t mean that you’ll let them behave the way they want. A balance between being a friend to your child while being a little strict is the key.

You need to ensure that you’re setting limits and giving your most attention to what is important. It is not an easy task to raise a well behaved child, but it is not an impossible task either. Just follow the tips mentioned above!

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