introvert child

How to ensure that your introverted child grows up to be happy

introverted child

If you feel that your child is introverted try following these tips so that you can ensure that they grow up to be as happy and successful as every other person out there –

1) Be careful while planning social events

Social events can be extremely stressful for your child so ensure that you are careful while planning them. Arrive earlier than everybody else and try taking breaks if you feel your child is getting anxious. Make sure you have a back up plan if your child starts to feel “trapped”.

2) Don’t push them beyond a limit

It is important for you to push your child to achieve more and break out of his cocoon but ensure that you do it kindly. Observe your child and encourage him to do more when you feel he can. You mustn’t push him too hard as he might end up shutting himself entirely.

3) Provide him opportunities

As a parent it is your responsibility to provide your child with an ample amount of opportunities while simultaneously ensuring that he feels safe. If your child has an inclination towards music encourage him by asking him to perform in front of the family, don’t just go and sign him up for a competition that demands him to perform in front of the entire school. Allow your child to accustom himself and feel comfortable.

4) Provide the right structure at home

It is possible that your child forgets the shared activities that he is supposed to be a part of because of his introverted nature. Give a structure to their day and ensure that they are present in such activities, be it attending a family dinner or going out for a movie.

You need to slowly encourage your child to do more without scaring them, remember to be gentle with them. These tips should help you bring your child out of his cocoon.

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