mental health problems

5 signs your child has mental health problems

mental health problems

Good mental health is essential to any child’s growth. As a parent you must remain on the lookout for these signs as they can be the indication of a mental health problem –

1) A disturbed appetite

If your child is having an unexplained weight loss it can be a matter of grave concern. Normal fussy behavior while eating is okay but if your child is suddenly not eating properly and is overly conscious about the effect food is having on his body image then you need to take this into consideration.

2) Mood changes

Normal mood swings are nothing to worry about but if your child is continuously sad or worried then it can be sign. If you feel that your child is isolating himself from everyone and is not that enthusiastic to go out as he used to be, take it into consideration.

3) Physical harm

If you believe your child is engaging in physical harm, be it self harm or harming someone else, you need to take care of it. Your child might be unintentionally harming himself as a means of venting or reaching out.

4) Sleep Disturbance

Problems with sleeping are common in many children. But if you see a pattern developing where in your child is unable to sleep at night even if he is tired and struggles to wake up in the morning, it can be the sign of a mental health problem.

5) Issues with concentrating

If your child is not able to concentrate on things despite trying to, it can be a sign. This might be a result of other symptoms such as lack of sleep, nonetheless it is a matter that should be attended to. It is possible that your child is unable to concentrate in class and it can affect his academic growth.

Mental health should not be a taboo. If you feel your child might be going through a problem make it a point that you ask for professional help.

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