amazing indoor activities

These are the most amazing indoor activities you can try with your child

amazing indoor activities

Every child loves to play. But if you can’t take him outside, especially when it’s so hot outside, how do you make him have fun indoors? Here are a few activities that your child will love to do indoors –

1) Indoor Picnics

You can cook at home with your children and then set up a little picnic somewhere in the house. Not only will it break the monotony of eating on the dining table it will also be a fun experience. You can ask your child to act as the waiter or help set up the ambiance for the picnic.

2) Dress up

Look through your clothes and give your child the things that you don’t need. Not only will they look cute and hilarious in your clothes, it will also fulfill their wish to look like his/her parent. All children love trying to dress up in their mom’s heels or wear their dad’s tie. Make sure that you snap enough photos so that you are able to reminisce this memory easily.

3) Bake goods

Include your child in your kitchen experiments. It will get a little messy but it will definitely be an enjoyable experience for your child. You can try baking cupcakes and letting your child decorate them using frosting.

4) Fort

Isn’t building a fort one of your favorite childhood memories? Build a fort with your child using spare bed-sheets or cardboard boxes. You can watch a movie in that enclosure and have a whole different experience. Don’t forget popcorn!

5) Indoor obstacle course

If your child always seems to be pumping with extra energy this activity is perfect for you. You can use any and as many objects that you want such as tables, cushions, chairs etc. and place them around the house. You can have them run races so that they burn off all that excess energy!

You can do a number of other activities such as making music, putting on a show, playing with a cardboard box etc. Use your imagination and be creative!

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