Delhi Nursery Admission

5 points to take care before Delhi Nursery Admission 2017-18 are about to start

As the Nursery Admission in Delhi 2017-18 is on the verge and it’s time for a complete run-through of your strategies planned before the battle begins for nursery school admission. You can use the below points to plan your strategy because only with proper planning and strategy you can expect desired results & the best for your child:

  • Short listing of Schools: Short listing the schools of your choice where you really want your child to get enrolled should be the initial step to be taken.
  • Make a Priority list: Make a highest to lowest priority list of the schools where you want to apply for admission.
  • Point and Eligibility Criteria: Check the point system & eligibility criteria for the schools you have chosen for.
  • Complete Documentation: Check that you are ready with all the documents required by the school that you enlisted.
  • Mode of Form Application: Check the mode of the form application( Offline or Online Nursery School Admission form) which is being used by the school so that documents could be kept handy accordingly

The above points will help you to optimize and get the best results this Admission Season. KleverMind has also tied up with 170+ nursery schools in Delhi-NCR where you can apply by filling just One form to Multiple Schools, and the best part is, it’s extremely nominal and completely paperless. So let’s be tech-savvy this season and get the fullest out of it. So just log-on to or download the Mobile app from Google Play store because Nursery Admissions are on your tips…with just 3 KleverClicks..!!

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