child lies

Amazing tips to deal with your child when your child lies to you

child lies

Are you worried that your child might grow up to be a liar? Does he lie to you for small things? Is he a liar? These worries might often arise in any parent’s mind, but they don’t need to take these too seriously. Your child is bound to lie, and you don’t need to worry about it as it is an integral part of his development. In the early stages your child is bound to tell you straightforward lies. But as they grow up and their imagination widens they will start to tell richer and more sophisticated lies.

In no way should you as a parent encourage lying, but there is no need to freak out if your child lies to you sometimes. According to parenting coach Judy Reith of Parenting People, children lie to solve problems. Your job as a parent is to figure out what they’re getting out of lying. The most common type of lies are told to avoid embarrassment or scolding. They might be lying to boast about something or to exaggerate.

Some parents are fine when their children tell white lies, whereas some can’t tolerate it at all. As a parent you must remember to not lie in front of your child.

Children belonging to different age groups tell different kinds of lies. Some of them are –

Ages 4-5

Most of the lies children belonging to this age group tell are related to denying of certain things. You must remember to be a good listener and not humiliate your child upon catching their fib.

Ages 5-6

In this age children tend to exaggerate and make up stories. You must remember to not make fun of your child. Rather, make them understand that they do not need to lie or cook stories in order to impress anyone.

Older children

Older children lie to get out of trouble. Rather than facing a punishment your child might opt to lie. You must remember to not keep severe punishments for little errors. Establish a relationship of truth and trust with your child.

Hope this guide helps you dealing better with your child whenever he/she is caught lying.

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