Cashless Transactions

CBSE asks Schools to go for Cashless Transactions

Starting from Jan 1st 2016, CBSE affiliated schools have to start online school fee payment and go for Cashless Transactions. This step is in line with government’s demonetization decision. Many Principals and Directors of Schools have welcomed this move saying that it would be easier for them in terms of clarity o finance handling of schools along with providing a big support to demonetization move of government.

One of the school Principals said that the workload of our accounts department will decrease. Second, now there won't be any confusion about lost deposit receipts etc as transactions will move through digital routes.

The board secretary has said that schools should make all transactions in non-cash mode. He also said during the PTM, the parents should be educated about online payment systems in schools and its benefits.

With KleverMind, Parents can now apply to multiple schools by filling single form through 3 KleverClicks. The whole process is online with completely cashless transactions. With Demonetization, this is the best way to apply to schools with no cash transactions.

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