eye care tips

These are the most important eye care tips for children parents need to know

eye care tips

Ensuring good eye health for your child is very important. You need to take care of things from your end as well consult an optician. But what is the right age to take your child to the optician? You should ensure that you take your child to the optician once every six months. Once your child reaches three years of age, take him to the optician. Here are a few tips to help you with your child’s eye care –

Eye care tips for children

1) Tell them to wash their hands regularly

Your child is going to touch many things that he comes across during the day. Almost all of those things have germs in abundance which get transferred to your child’s tiny hands. Remind them to wash their hands regularly so that they do not touch their eyes with germ filled hands. Also, keep on telling them to not touch their eyes for no reason!

2) Follow a healthy diet

It is important for your child to follow a healthy balanced diet. A well balanced diet must have the essential vitamins that are necessary for healthy eyes. His diet should contain ample leafy vegetables. It should contain yellowish fruits such as mangoes and papayas that are rich in carotene.

3) Sunglasses

Instigate the habit of wearing sunglasses at a young age in your child. UV rays can be extremely harmful for your child’s eyes. Sunglasses will protect their delicate eyes from the rays of the sun.

4) Take a break from gadgets

Kids spend an awful lot of time in front of different kinds of screens. Make sure that you take their gadget away for around thirty seconds after every twenty minutes so that they get time to relax their eyes.

5) Extra protection

Make sure that your child maintains a safe distance from fireworks and other things that could end up damaging his eyes. Take care when you use harmful sprays or aerosols around your child.

Hopefully these few tips will help you ensure that your child has a healthy set of eyes!

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