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The Miracle of Online Primary Admission

Modernization and Technology hasn’t left any field, industry or mindset untouched. Most of the things which required physical involvement previously are now available in some touch and clicks. Next generation is somehow having this quality embedded in their genes, therefore the industry serving this Gen-X i.e. Education Industry especially in India, are accepting technology as their partner, although it took time to evolve but now is evolving in great pace. One of the aspects which are being widely used by schools is the provision of Online Admission.

Being a parent, all he wants is admission in best school and that purpose is being widely served with technology as most of the schools now have a working website, ERP Systems, Provision for Online Admission etc.  Delhi-NCR region in previous year has seen some good rise in parents opting for Online admission especially for primary schools as it has become much easier for them, just fill the Admission Form Online , get the formalities completed and it’s all done. Primary school in Delhi has realized along with the Pre-Primary Schools that the ever changing government criteria and increasing demand & supply ratio especially during the Nursery Admission Season has become extremely necessary to make the whole process online. Whenever anyone thinks about Nursery Admission all that comes into mind is long queues in front of the school gate, ever confusing point criteria and lots of unanswered queries, but some of the schools who have gone online this season has seen a drastic positive change in terms of response, no. of applications, ease of operation and a much smoother query handling of parents. During an interview session with one of the best primary school in Delhi, stated that “It becomes a really tedious and exhaustive task for them to handle the whole procedure offline as parents with time become more aggressive and sensitive because of the pressure building over them, but after going online they have seen a considerable fall in these type of concerns” , another primary school in Delhi stated that “Although it may take time, but parents have now started adapting with technology and the results will be revolutionary in the years to come” .

If we go back down the line, we will find out that the way technology has revolutionized the aspects of education industry in India is really commendable and is setting examples every day. With some young and powerful private industries such as KleverMind along with Government focusing on Automation of Education Industry, the future seems to be a brighter one. All this in combination with each other will lay a road to never attained Globalization in a proper amalgam of Modernization which is the need of the hour, to become a Country acclaimed as the “technology super power of the world”.

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