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Significance of modern teaching methodologies at elementary level of schooling

Term education is itself a journey that we keep on doing knowingly or unknowingly our entire life. Books and extra-curriculum activities in school prepare kids to become a successful individual & a global leader in future. Each and every single level of elementary education brings a dynamic change in the life of a student.

First and most important level of education in school is the toddler and play group level of learning which requires, because the techniques of handling a toddler or play group kids requires a different attitude and an scientifically trained teaching methodologies for teachers. The students involved in this initial level of learning are of 1-2.5 years of age group, these kids mostly fail to express their feelings through words, so you need specially trained teachers who understand their gestures and demands. The role of a teacher at this level is extremely important for students because at such level a child learn to express his/her emotions through words, learning of different colors, shapes increase their remembering power, daily practice of orals on such topic for example small rhymes will also increase their speaking skills, action words and scribbling expand their fine and gross motor skills as well as holding and gripping of an objects such as color and pencil. In toddler or playgroup level, ideally a child should learn through flash-cards, objects and stories to develop a natural acceptance for studies in a child. For Child at this level, visual mode of learning is more effective instead of conventional mode of learning i.e. through listening, the more teachers present themselves in front of students with help of different actions the students will do the same as their teachers which becomes an idol being for him, as well as learn and recall everything taught by their teacher through actions.

Second level of School Education start with pre-nursery classes, which embeds a different level of learning and understanding in students. In pre-nursery classes students ideally learn & understand about pattern writing, dot to dot writing, stage activities, which not only raises their credence to stand as an individual but also unknowingly make them learn how to present themselves in front of others and how to communicate their thought process to others. According to modern teaching methodologies, at pre-nursery level students should learn through CSS method (Computer Software System) which accommodates animated rhymes, patterns as well as colors recognition with different examples and representation, this enhances the learning and understanding ability of students. Learning through such methods at this level is very essential for students because at this level students learn almost all the basic knowledge which prepares them for the next stage of education.

Third & foremost important level of elementary education is the Nursery Class, which involves alphabet writing, counting writing, Hindi “varnmala” it upgrades the Writing Skills in students. At this level, the primary focus is on speaking skills and personality development of the child. School should conduct multiple activities to enhance & innovate the speaking and pronunciation skills such as, storytelling competition, English and Hindi poem recitation, workshops and stage shows which builds up confidence in students and also lays the seeds of being a future global citizen.

A school who has adapted modern teaching methodologies, not only delivers academic knowledge to their students but also creates an environment in which student can learn multiple things at one go. It not only helps and prepares them for the different stages of life but also lays a foundation to become a successful human being in future. So the modern teaching methodology is like a cherry on the pie by which we enhance the learning experience of students and help them making a impact on the world.


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