“The need” which converted 2 IT professionals into KleverMind by “Never Expected” CEO


“Need is the mother of all Inventions” that certainly appears true to me now, but this truth took years to become a truth.  So let me go into flashback….yes!.. It all started when my sweetheart daughter was 3 and half years old and was ready to get into primary school.  Me and my husband knew very little about the complex procedure of Nursery Admission,  the only thing we knew were the haunting tales told by them.  Me and my husband were committed IT professionals spending almost half of our day at office, my condition was even more pitiful, Courtesy: Delhi-Gurgaon-Delhi + traffic + congested metro and much more.

Soon came the day of Action. We haphazardly shortlisted 28 schools in South Delhi. First thing we did was to find out the online/offline process of applying to schools & then I made a list of schools which had offline forms for which I was required to visit the schools for getting the forms. For online forms, I could download them from the school’s website. While filling up the forms, I found out that most of the fields were repetitive which was really driving us nuts, but still I had to fill all of them as I had no other option .  Then came the time of submitting forms. Out of 28 schools, almost 5 schools had online process which could be done at home but others required visiting the school for submitting forms. Some even required Bank Draft of the form fees to be submitted. It was so ridiculous that bank draft had to be made for an amount of Rs. 25 only…Just Imagine!!. After 3 days off and loads of screaming from boss, I found that I still have 15 schools to apply. Somehow I tried to convince my husband to take the lead but he was able to take only 1 day off. The queue in front of the school was so long that in a day we were able to visit only 3 schools for form submission. Finally after lots of issues, we applied to all the schools we planned for.

Schools then called us for Document Verification which also was time consuming and then came the lottery results which were as good as winning a real lottery, we made it to two schools but what ached the most that many of them returned empty handed that season and those eyes of parents filled with expectations lost hope. These series of incidents and the experience turned us to the way where I am today.

Today I am the founder of a company known as “KleverMind”. Using this platform, parents need to fill only one form and can apply to multiple schools. We have tied up with maximum number of schools in Delhi and many are getting added on a daily basis. This is for the benefit of the parents so that what I faced years ago should not be faced by others because every child deserves the best of the education!

Sanghamitra Pattanayak

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Proud CEO- KleverMind


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