An Open Letter to all the lovely mothers out there

Dear All,

It’s been long that I have penned down my emotions for long, the busy schedule, work commitments, racing towards dreams doesn’t lowers my love towards my family especially towards my Angel- my Daughter. After rinsing all my energy at work, once at home I see my daughter smiling gives me a ray of hope to start and win the battle all over again.

Mother” this word holds more depth than this entire universe, I realized this depth when I was blessed with it. I still remember how my mother used to run around in the morning when me and my father used to leave for school and office, the expression of tension on her face during my exams, the concern in her voice when I used to live at hostel during my college days. At that time her sweet curses, her shouting on me, seemed like ‘lecture’ to me back then, were actually her way to show me unparalleled love. I realize this now being a mother, in fact whatever qualities that I have cultivated and adhere in my personality actually shows reflection of my mother and my father of course. The relation with mom is like oxygen has with life, you never realize it’s there but that’s the elixir of your life.

I am being happily married for last 11 years but there is one thing that pinches me, that’s my Late Mother-in-Law. I was unfortunate that I was not able to see her, she passed away when my husband was very young but the way he grew up like a perfect gentlemen must have been a blessing that he had received and will keep on receiving throughout his life. A mother’s love to his child was never much evident before until I met my husband. He was one perfect cook, my guide to be a perfect home-maker as I was completely blank when I entered my dream home for the first time. I strongly believe that it was the upbringing of his mother that made him so caring and respectful towards family and me.

Nowadays, we see so much atrocities being done on womanhood, humans are turning into devils, everyone is talking about gender equality since long but nothing changes….why ? No one knows why. We are trying to make our girls stand tall like boys but actually what needs to be done is exactly the reverse….Puzzled let me explain it this way…We all teach our daughters like cooking, behaving and all other etiquettes which make them the ideal ‘Bahu’ but why not a mother does teach it all to a son..just because he is a boy makes it superior by default than girls, is this the logic…? I am neither a philosopher nor a thinker but all I want to say is that the doom towards which the society is progressing can only be changed by the power which gave birth to the society, the power called as Mother. I think that’s end to my thoughts and my feelings but before signing of I would like to wish all the Mothers, a very Happy Mother’s Day.

With Loads of Love,

Sanghamitra Pattanayak

A proud Mother, Wife and Daughter always…….

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