nursery admission delhi

Stress building up in Parents as the Guidelines for Nursery Admission Delhi still under discussion…!!

Every passing day is turning more anxiety in Delhi parents plus nursery admission policy in Delhi for school on public grounds and a potential court case has added on more reasons to take anxiety pills for Delhi Parents, who are just watching all this as mere spectators.

Parents are worried about the strategies of nursery admission delhi that change every year. They all suggest ‘that rules should be made in advance so that parents have enough time to work on them ’.

This year's criteria has the potential to impact just about 285 schools—a mere fraction of the roughly 1,700 private-unaided schools in the city. But these 285 also happen to be some of the oldest and most established, therefore, sought-after.

Parents are wondering if nursery admissions will still begin from Jan 1st, the ideal expected date, as no guidelines have been issued till now and have no indication to come in the near future.

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