How early should you start looking for Schools for your little ones….?

How early should you start looking Schools for your little ones?

There is always a level of confusion when it comes to the right age of schooling that too Delhi nursery admission. On the top of that, the varying criteria of different schools add more to the confusion list. Generally, for nursery admission in Delhi, the admission age ranges from 3+ to 4+ yrs. Many schools say that parents request them to admit their children young, looking at their child’s date of birth fall a few months short of the cut-off date. However, it is recommended you should not enroll your children into formal schooling before the age of three.

Another dilemma that a Delhi Parent faces is whether to enroll their child into preschool or nursery class of a formal school. However, this needs to be solved by the parents itself. If your child is ready for formal schooling (taking into account the time taken to travel to school) and gets through a school of your choice then go for it. If any of these two conditions is not fulfilled then you should opt for preschools in your vicinity and again try for formal schools next year.

In Delhi, getting a seat in any of the schools of your choice is difficult even if you fulfill all the criteria for admission to all the schools and your child is ready for formal schooling. So it is recommended to apply to as many schools as you can. And if you get through any school which is not of your choice, go for it. You can apply for a school of your choice in upcoming admission session.

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