This simple trick will make your child a maths genius

For most of us, Maths has been the most scariest subject in our life. We would start preparing in much advance and still be super nervous during the maths exam. For a lot of people , Maths used to be the subject that brought their overall percentage low. Maths would make people avoid certain streams so that they could avoid studying maths. Nothing has changed, the same is true for our children as well. Unfortunately, we often equate Maths performance as the indicator of one’s intelligence (Did you know there are different types of intelligence? More of that in a later post). Children who perform well in Maths seem to be gifted, some sort of Maths genius with special powers while those who perform poorly in it are considered not-so-smart overall.

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Do you wish their was a simple trick to make your child a maths genius? Apparently their is. One of the biggest reasons children perform poorly in Maths is Maths anxiety, i.e, fear of performing poorly in Maths related tests and activities. While majority of people believe that people who are bad at Maths experience Maths anxiety, it is actually the opposite. People who have Maths anxiety end up performing badly in Maths. This is because Maths anxiety avoids us from using our working memory (used for performing tasks at present).

The 4 and a half minute video from Ted Ed will open your eyes about Maths Anxiety and shares key tips on how to make your child excel at Maths : –

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