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4 skills your child should know before starting Preschool Education

Starting preschool is one of the most important steps in your child’s life. Not only is it a big step for the child, it is a big step for the parents too. So how can you be assured that your child is ready for preschool education, age cannot be the only deciding factor right? Absolutely true. Before your child begins his/her path on education, the child needs to know a few basic things. Here are the 4 basic skills your child should know before starting Preschool education :-

1) Restroom etiquette a.k.a potty training

Although potty training becomes a focus area for parents much before starting playschool education of their child, this is the first time your child will be in an environment without your guidance. Your child should be able to identify the difference between male and female restrooms and also how to signal the teacher that a visit to the restroom is required. Basics like closing the door while using the washroom, washing hands etc. are important.

Furthermore, don’t fret too much as most of the good playschools usually have support staff to help your child with the restroom usage.

2) Basic understanding of some concepts

Education of a child first begins at home. While you need not do everything by yourself for good learning of your child, an understanding of basic concepts like identifying letters, numbers , colors, shapes etc. makes sailing through preschool education easier.

Instilling love for reading stories and poems is something not only your child will enjoy, it will also help him/her take interest in the class. Your child must also be mentally prepared for following directions from the teacher.

3) Information regarding one’s safety

Nothing matters more than the safety of the child which makes it very important for the child to know some basic information like house number, parent’s name etc. You can also try to help your child learn your number. Sure, it is not going to be easy but highly beneficial.

Providing the child with basic sense of information regarding who is allowed to touch them and how along with what should they do in such a situation is one of the best things you can do for your child.

4) Social skills and independence

It is highly likely that the child likes to stick around one of the parents (or better, both :)). But this is the stage where your child needs to have a certain sense of independence. Independence involves not just self-care skills like managing a running nose, hand-washing , opening lunch etc. but also involves letting the child make a few choices for himself/herself.
Small, innocuous mistakes can be a great learning tool for your child.

Your child should also understand the concept of sharing with others and if possible, be comfortable in interacting with other children. An understanding of good gestures like “Thank you” or “Please” helps your child not only in the preschool but outside it as well.

Finding a great preschool can be a frustrating task in itself, make sure having your child in one is not. And most importantly, enjoy the process.

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