How to spend time with your child if you have a hectic schedule

Do you often find yourself too busy to take out time for your kids and spend quality time with them? Have a very hectic schedule? Are those extra hours at your office forcing you to spend less and less time with your children on a daily basis? Nowadays, most of the parents are working. But just because you spend hours at your office to ensure your kids get a good education does not mean you cannot spend quality time with them. Here are a few ways which will help you take out time for your kids even when you have a hectic schedule –

1)Spend holidays with your family

Holidays are a great time to do quality activities together and make tons of memories. Irrespective of the religion you follow, you can celebrate a variety of holidays and festivals around the world. Take into consideration the holiday of Christmas. You can go tree shopping with your child, you can help them decorate the tree, you can wrap gifts together and post Christmas greetings together!

2)Travel with your kids

Make it a point that you travel with your kids. Be it a long road trip or a small trip to the grocery store; you spending time with your children while they run down the aisles of the grocery store is going to be a happy memory for both – your children and you. If you want to go for a jog, ask your kid to accompany you. They will feel valued as well as get good exercise.

3)Take out time daily

No matter how busy you are, you can always take out fifteen to twenty minutes for your child. It isn’t necessary that you have to spend hours with your kid, but ensure that you do give them some of your time. Asking them how their day went and what they learnt throughout their day, having dinner together as a family etc., a lot of small tweaks can be done to your schedule to ensure that your child doesn’t feel left out.

4)Play with your kids

Whenever you get a little time, play with your kids. Be it a game of Jenga or a match of football, your kids will get immense pleasure out of the fact that their parent is engaging in one of his favorite activities with him.

Make sure that your child knows that they can talk to you whenever they need to. They must never feel that they need an appointment to talk to you or that they must wait till you can take out time for them. The child must know that you are only one call away in case anything were to happen. Try incorporating these little tips in your daily life despite your hectic schedule to ensure that you and your child have a stronger bond.


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