4 amazing ways to teach self discipline to children

teach self discipline to children


One observation that most of us can agree with is that the things we learn ourselves rather than being forced upon, we tend to retain them better, be it knowledge or a new habit. While we can spend hours and enormous amount of efforts to discipline our child, it’s best if they are self disciplined. But like everything else with children, self-discipline needs to be taught as well. Here are a few amazing ways to teach self-discipline to children that you need to know.


Keep a check on who or what is influencing them: One of the biggest reason children fail to maintain self-discipline is the peer pressure to try out new (sometimes bad) things or wrong influence from various things. Hence it very important to keep a check on things that are influencing your child and whether or not your child is taking impulsive actions based on the influences.


Give them good role models: Most of the successful people we know today became successful through discipline, determination and hard work. Teach your child about these motivating figures and their back story. When children will be looking up to these inspirational role models, they would want to follow their path and most likely end up being self-disciplined in the process.


Be assertive and give structure to your child’s life: From setting up particular hours for your child’s homework to giving them ample time to play, you need to give structure to your child’s life. Set up a routine and most importantly make sure that the routine is followed well. It’s important to remember that we adults also fail many times when it comes to following a certain routine hence be gentle with your child when it comes to the execution of the set schedule.


Follow what you preach: One of the worst things that a lot of parents do nowadays is that the things they expect out of their child, they don’t do themselves. It’s very important for parents to be good role models since children learn a lot of things simply by observing their parents. Hence let’s say if you want your child to maintain cleanliness, don’t throw garbage on road yourself.


Self-discipline is one of the key traits of world’s most successful people, if you can enable your child to maintain self-discipline, you will be setting him/her on the path of attaining greatness in life.

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