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A Throwback of a Mother’s memories on Delhi Nursery Admission….

Its feels really nice sometimes when you write your emotions, your thoughts because being a  business women it’s really a tough job to do, but I am glad as I am trying. Being associated with the education industry, I go through lots of social media posts, websites, and articles about the Nursery Admission Season in Delhi. This time of the year and those articles takes me 5 years down my memory line when I was stuck in the same scenario, eagerly waiting for the Guidelines of Nursery Admission to come, those never ending queues, those sleepless nights, those hypothetical reasons given to my boss for frequent leaves and much more….back in 2011 Facebook  was not interactive like now, very less schools were online, mobile with slow 2G connections so all this what is present today to make lives much easier during the admission season were not that effective….So I applied in around 28 schools in a radius of 0-8 kms knowing that Distance is the major criteria in all the schools. I was least bothered about the other point criteria system as I had in my mind to apply to as many schools as I can within a distance of 0-8 kms. Being both Parents working, we had to stop at 28 schools and hoped for the best. Luckily my hard work paid and our application was selected in 2 schools, one school was really of my choice, good infrastructure, excellent curriculum, satisfactory fee structure but school demanded some additional unethical capital, which was totally unacceptable for my moral values, so I dropped the school and chose the school which was bit far but had all the qualities to be a good school in future…and I was right on my judgement.

From Admission to enrollment of my daughter it was like riding a roller coaster without a belt, if everything doesn’t go good, you are gone. But the good thing for the present time is if you have got proper strategy and logistics you can crack it easily. You have social media Like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. where you can interact easily with other parents.

In the end I would like to share some points with all the aspiring parents looking for Nursery Admission Season 2017-18:

  • Apply to as many schools as possible as the chances drastically increase if you do so.
  • If got selected by multiple schools, do visit all of them and compare it thoroughly, because if a good school is say 7-10 km from your home, Don’t just say no because it’s far because there is lot more for your child after Nursery.
  • If everything doesn’t goes as planned & your application didn’t get selected , trust me that’s not all, you have many options left such as:
  1. Get your child enrolled in a play-school and prepare for next time
  2. You should wait for the next waiting list, because usually parents lose hope after the list, so don’t do that …have patience
  3. If you live nearby to other NCR cities such Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon etc. you can also take it as an alternative because they also have some promising institutions or even better than the Delhi ones, afterwards you can always get your child migrated to Delhi again

So wish you all the luck and wish you a very Happy New Year …I am readily available on Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp (9990206772) so please feel free to contact, I will be more than happy to assist you by any possible means….All the best..Cheers…!!


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