Right pre-school is what you’re looking for your child, here’s what matters

Choosing the right pre-school, note this

What are the things to keep in mind while choosing the right pre-school for your child.

As a parent, you are understandably anxious to have your child get the best possible start in life with the right pre-school. Chances are you find yourself immersed day and night in perhaps the most difficult riddle: choosing the right pre-school, your child’s nursery school! As it happens, this shouldn’t be a very difficult thing to do, but thanks to the many myths we pick up along the way, it becomes hopelessly intricate.

Since every child is unique, there is no one way to make the right choice – sometimes, different schools work better for children from the same family! This blog will not make the choice for you, but will give a few questions you must consider while you’re making the choice of your child’s lifetime:

Classroom, right pre-school

Classroom – which one’e more right than the other

Does the Brand matter?

The past few years have seen some very new schools change the course of the education industry in India and carve a path for themselves through cutting edge educational technology, great infrastructure and high levels of parent teacher engagement. Established brands of schools on the other hand, offer a large alumni network which may be beneficial for current students while getting their child admitted to the right pre-school.

Should we let the children choose?

Your child doesn’t have to instantly like the school to gain the most out of it. After all, he/she is a mere toddler and doesn’t understand what life has in store and how to deal with it. At the same time, if your child is very instinctive at an early age, following his/her gut may be a good idea. Every child is different, and so are parenting styles – depending on what yours is like, make this choice wisely.

How much does location matter?

Unlike the above questions, this one has a clear answer for most parents as they make a decision on the right pre-school. Its extremely important for your child to be close to your home or workplace in case of an emerency, so location matters tremendously. Most schools also take the residential address and proximity of the parents into close consideration during the admissions process.

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Choosing the right pre-school

What kind of teaching methodology will be good for my child?

The Montessori Method or The Reggio Emilia Approach, aren’t just academic jargon; they represent the fundamental approach a school takes to help the child learn. And yes, you guessed it: there’s no best method of learning. It all depends on whether the approach fits in with you believe as a parent. So more than anything else, make sure you are 100% clear on the teaching methodology followed.

How much should a school focus on extra-curricular activities?

These matter, of course. A lot. In fact, these matter as much as the methodology, because these activities are how methodologies impart education. Depending on your parenting style and the instictive flair of your child, choose a school that focusses on the key interests your child displays or the skills you believe s/he has the potential to develop.

Choosing the right nursery school boils down to paying attention to the basics: ignoring the glittering front and getting to know what happens inside. Think of it as simplification, just like KleverMind is doing with nursery school admissions. If you’re hassled by the number of schools you have to visit and the number of forms you have to fill, KelverMind should feel like a breath of fresh air!

All the best in your journey to finding the best pre-school. And if you have any questions or want us to add another question to this list, do leave a comment!



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