KleverMind’s Brand Ambassador Baby of 2016 – The Hunt Is On

KleverMind’s Brand Ambassador Baby-Is your’s the next one?

KleverMind’s Brand Ambassador Baby hunt is on. Do you think your baby has got what it takes to be the Best Baby Brand Ambassador of 2016?

Do you love showing friends and family videos of your child’s talents? Are you a parent looking to be involved in some fun baby events? Then you are at the right place!

We’re looking for a Brand Ambassador for KleverMind, a platform that makes nursery school admissions a cakewalk!

KleverMind’s Brand Ambassador Baby hunt for 2016

Hunt for the next celebrity child

About KleverMind

KleverMind – an online portal which enables parents to apply to many schools through just one form, ensured that that their online nursery admissions tool would also be a way parents could search for a good school with good teachers for their little ones.

With the KleverMind app, school admissions have just been made simpler; you can apply to any and as many schools just by scanning a code or simply by sending an SMS. Fill a form once and apply to multiple schools.  KleverMind has made the whole admission procedure a hassle-free, stress-free and enjoyable experience for parents, schools and kids.  No more long queues outside school to get application forms and no more battles for the parents when it comes to applying to schools for nursery admissions.

KleverMind, the most innovative online school admission platform in India is looking for a smart baby to be The Face of the Company for 2016.

Klevermind's Brand Ambassador Hunt

Is your Baby going to be the next Brand Ambassador?

To register your child, please follow the below steps:

  1. Register onto KleverMind.com
  2. Upload a video of your KleverChild (no longer than 60 seconds).
  3. Get your friends to share, comment and like.
  4. Video with maximum comments, shares and likes, wins.
  5. Register between 1st September to 20th September 2016.
  6. The child needs to be a resident of Delhi/NCR

The video could be anything that shows how smart your child is. Remember, it’s the maximum shares and likes to the video of your child that wins.  So get sharing and getting in touch with friends and family.  They can all help!

Who knows? May be your little one is a great story teller or drama queen.

Whatever the talent, be a part of the KleverContest and give your little one a platform to shine!

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