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Klevermind got prominently featured on on September of 2016. Also, “Franchise India Holdings Limited” is Asia’s largest franchise solution company since 1999. It is an absolute authority on franchising and licensing. In fact, they have helped hundreds of investors in selecting the right franchise and assisted many organisations in international and domestic franchise expansion.

Sanghamitra Pattanayak, KleverMind

KleverMind: A startup tackling complicated issue of nursery admissions

About Franchise India

Franchise India is the parent website of many websites like,,, and These websites cover a wide array of topics, including current trends in business, education, wellness, etc. Franchise India covers new ideas and business emerging in the Indian Digital Age. It offers them advice and suggestions.

Most noteworthy is that has recently featured KleverMind on its portal, as one of NASSCOM’s 10000 Start Ups.

What does KleverMind do?

Firstly, it helps in providing an innovative solution to parents struggling with the lengthy process of admitting children to school. They are leveraging technology to simplify the nursery admission application system in India, making it hassle free and user friendly.

Especially relevant, KleverMind provides a website and mobile application that simplifies the school admission process in Delhi NCR. In fact, you can apply to many schools with just one form.

Why do parents and schools need this platform?

In the beginning of each academic session, there is  lot of stress over the admission procedure in our current education system. There is a rush to apply to the maximum number of schools in the shortest span of time. As a result, this makes it a long and tiring experience. The point system prevalent in schools, based on neighbourhoods, siblings, alumna, government servant or girl child makes it more tough. Hence, it gets difficult for any parent to tick all the boxes and reach the minimal cut off set by the individual schools.

Importantly, the unique idea of “Many Schools, One Form” saves the hassle of queuing up in schools during admission times. In addition, it even gives them the option of scanning a QR code at a school and applying through the android app. Therefore KleverMind is helping schools by providing digitalized, verified and valid data with a simple pre-calculated point system.

Most importantly, KleverMind has found a niche for itself right from its inception. We are accepted in 100+ schools across Delhi/NCR and have 3000+ registered parents on our platform.”

To register as a Parent:

To register as a School:

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