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How to make a “Special Child” even more Special ….

When a child is born he completes the family, turns a lady to a mother and gentleman to a father. As considered a gift of god,the child born is a blessing for the parents even if he/she is differently abled but the irony of the world is that the society starts taking it in a way opposite to what the parents think about their child. Even the first reaction that comes from a parent is “denial”- It can’t happen to me, my wife, my husband, my family and sometimes we see the denial transforming into anger generally deviated to doctors, medical personnels or sometime even mother. But not all parents react the same, some understand and show constructive attitude towards it. How let’s find out…

1. Seek assistance of the other parent- A special child is indeed special, so it’s better to talk to parents who have spent time with the special child. Because they will make you believe that with time having a special child is truly a blessing

2. Talk to your partner- It is often seen the partners avoid the topic as much as they could and try to hide their emotions but they need to realize the fact that hiding emotions will never be a solution. Realize that we are not rocks !!

3. Stay Positive- Child learns from his family first, so if he/she feels a negative vibe from his parent, he/she will take it as normal human behavior which is not the actual ideology.

4. Avoid Pity- Self-pity, the experience of pity from others, or pity for your child is actually disabling. Pity is not what is needed. Empathy, which is the ability to feel with another person, is the attitude to be encouraged.

5. Remember that “This-is-Your-Child” – This is your child, first and foremost. Granted, your child’s development  may be different from that of other children, but this does not make your child less valuable, less human, less important, or in less need of your love and parenting. Love and enjoy your parenthood.

The best part what we believe in a special child is that they only understand one emotion – LOVE …Love and care, so let us all give them most valuable thing which is free of cost.So Cheers to all the Parents and Superheroes because even superheroes are different.

Some schools in Delhi who are dedicated to educate our superheroes:

1) Hopes Special School
2) Maxwell Institute for Special Children
3) Happy Valley Special School
4) Snehil Frontline Special School
5) Tamana Special School
6) Brahma Shakti Special School
Special Kudos to parents of “SUPERHEROES”!!!

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