Nursery Admissions in Delhi 2017-18: Things you must know

Nursery Admissions Key Points

Nursery admissions in Delhi and NCR are a stressful time for young parents. We see newspaper reports talking about the same, every year at this time. How difficult it has become to admit your children in nursery schools of your choice. So much so that parents have now begun planning their children’s  nursery admissions from the moment they are born!

At KleverMind, we understand the inherent need to provide the best of everything to our children. Be it education, nutrition, sports or exposure to extra-curricular activities. The following is a list of ‘things you must know’ for young parents going through the stress of Nursery Admissions process of 2017-16 :

Quotas for EWS or Disability/Orthopedically Challenged: 

25% of seats in all schools are reserved either for EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) and Disadvantaged Groups or for those with physical disabilities. EWS certificates are given to those, whose household income is under 1 lakh. After an update from the Delhi Government in January 2016, all management quotas and reservations have now been removed.   

Minimum and Maximum Age of Admissions:

  • Nursery (Pre-School) – Atleast 3 years and maximum 4 years as on 31st March 2016
  • KG (Pre-Primary) – Atleast 4 years and maximum 5 years as on 31st March 2016
  • Class 1 – Atleast 5 years and maximum 6 years as on 31st March 2016

While there is no relaxation on the minimum age, there could be a relaxation on the maximum age for Differently abled Children as per Specific Guidelines.

School Bus, Nursery Admissions

Seeing kids off to their nursery school

Points based selection for Open Category:

Schools decide on their final admission list (which is then published on their respective websites) through a points based system. The following is the critera that schools look at in this points based system:

Neighborhood Points: This depends from  from School to School, but for most schools, bifurcation is based on distance.

Sibling Points: If Siblings are studying in  the same school in the current academic session, points are allocated(No cousins are considered for Sibling definition under school admissions).

For Girl Child / Single Parent: Some Schools offers in Points for Girl Child and single parents.

Transferred Defence or Para Military Employee: Some schools offer 5 to 10 Points for Parents in the Defence Sector.

For Parents as Alumni: If either of the parents is an alumni of the same school, a good number of points are allocated by most schools.

Now that you have an idea about the guidelines most schools are following in Delhi and NCR. And have several schools that you can apply to for your child. Come and register with KleverMind. By filling just one extensive form, you can apply to many schools at the same time. What’s more is that, if there’s a school you’ve visited and really like, you can simply scan their QR code on the KleverMind app and apply instantly.




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