newborn and mother

When visiting a Newborn don’t forget the New Mom

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Simple things to make the first time visit and pleasant experience

The birth of a new baby is such a joyful news that one can hardly wait to rush in to shower their good wishes and cuddles. But hold on. You can do all that and much more indeed, if you can be a bit thoughtful about the new mom too. Here are 9 simple ways how you can really make a sweet gentle difference anytime you visit :

Know her convenient timings:

A new mom has already many unpredictable things to deal with and would rather not prefer anyone turning up randomly on her door. It’s best to keep in touch through text/ messages and let her know you are planning to visit so that she is prepared mentally and otherwise. Do not call unless it’s absolutely necessary as you will most certainly call at the exact moment they finally get their baby to sleep or when they are sleeping themselves.

Ask if you could get her something:

Before leaving for her home, make a quick check if she needs anything in particular like nappies/tissues /milk/ fruits or any medicines etc. Also once you reach do not ring the doorbell. Just knock lightly especially if you know she’s already expecting you or message her.

Think over your gifts:

Don’t bring seasonally or size inappropriate clothing or decorative knickknacks as gifts. When in doubt, just a bunch of bright flowers would help cheer her up instead.

Newborn and Mother

Newborn and Mother

Leave your young kids at home:

You don’t really want to add to the confusion.

Prepare and take some food:

That’s sure to ease up an afternoon or evening for her and her family.

Maintain common hygiene:

Don’t visit when you are not well and always wash your hands before holding a baby. Also avoid kissing the baby especially on the lips, face or hands.

Offer to help:

Be specific like ’ Would you mind if I quickly did the dishes for you?’ or ‘Can I take the (older) kids out to play?’ or you could simply offer to watch over the baby while the mom sleeps, bathes or enjoys a cup of tea.

Don’t overstay:

Don’t make it uncomfortable for the new mom by not knowing when to leave. An hour is the maximum time you should spend visiting a new baby. It may not sound like much, but right after giving birth and with sleep deprivation it takes effort to be sociable, entertain and put on a smile for too long.

Last and most important Don’t Forget Mum:

Ask her how she is doing today. Listen to her. Say her nice things. Pamper her with her favourite treats or a relaxing playlist. Let her share and just be there for her those few moments.

Always be willing to make your visit worthwhile by allowing them time alone to bond, and rest. This would ensure many such treasured moments in the near future too.

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